A Lesson Learned in the Kitchen


Blooms by April’s Garden


What does it mean to live in the moment? It means to not dwell about the past and worry about tomorrow, but to be present and appreciate the gift we are given to live everyday with grace and gratitude.

This question made me ponder: with the holidays approaching, I believe it is essential to not worry about cooking the perfect meal and fretting over the small details. Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends and be thankful for that present moment.

I’m traveling to Dallas, TX tomorrow to spend thanksgiving with my mom. My husband will stay in New Mexico and visit my in-laws for the holiday. I decided to throw a small gathering last Sunday to spend time with my family before I left for the week.

This was my first time cooking the turkey and side dishes, which let me tell you, not the easiest task to juggle. My husband and I managed to cook a delicious meal (with the help of the in-laws, of course!)

At first, I was running around so worried about refilling the champagne and baking the berry cobbler, I didn’t realize how rapidly time was passing by. Really, who cares about pouring the exact amount of flour? I realized cherishing every moment and making memories with my family was the sole purpose for this thanksgiving gathering.

So friends, I encourage you to not scramble around the kitchen this thanksgiving, frantically stirring the gravy and basting the turkey, instead, remember the holidays are about family and friends.

And once the holidays pass, continue to live in the moment and cherish everyone who passes through your life that day. Because at the end of the day, your heart will be full and the impact you can make on someone will be greater.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


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