Styled Shoot: Autumn Dinner Party For Two

I find so much joy when I can style for my photo shoots. Sometimes, it’s simply a visual I have etched in mind, other times, I find inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest and use various concepts to create my own design.

A photo stylist is what I’m aspiring towards, so every change I get, I jot down ideas into my notebook and plan different shoots.

Yesterday was rainy and gloomy, so I turned on my NEEDTOBREATHE Pandora station and began styling a fall dinner for my husband and me.

I love using neutrals with pops of color. I arranged a natural centerpiece for the table with Aspen branches from the back yard, juniper and a filler of yellow flowers. I own silver utensils, but pictured gold accents in my color palette, so it was a trip to Target to purchase the gold utensils. Pumpkins are everything to me, so naturally, I used tiny cream pumpkins to garnish the dinner plates with rosemary peeking out from underneath.

Even though I didn’t take photos of the food I cooked, I want to share what I made because I’m very proud (For someone who use to burn chocolate in the microwave and eat macaroni and cheese every night.) I made a pumpkin, red pepper soup seasoned with rosemary; kale and sausage pasta; caramel apple cider Moscow Mules (I will share this recipe in a couple of days…delicious!)

I never thought I would choose the path of photo styling/photographer, but this year, I have learned a lot about myself. I urge everyone reading this post to chase their dreams and never give in to any doubts you may hear from others.

Follow through on your passions and your end results will be remarkable!


4 thoughts on “Styled Shoot: Autumn Dinner Party For Two

  1. Sammi Merrion

    I love all of the little details! Your pictures make me want to go buy little pumpkins and gold silverware! I can’t wait for the Moscow mule recipe!!! Great job!:)


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