Nectarine + Blueberry + Vanilla Bean Rustic Tart

I never thought baking was in the cards for me, but after baking pumpkin spice bread last fall, I was hooked on whipping up sweet treats.

The cookbook, Ovenly, is helping this newfound love flourish. Countless innovate recipes are enclosed in this book, waiting to be baked and devoured. From the savory – bloody mary scones and cheddar corn muffins – to the sugary goodness – strawberry basil loaf and bourbon chocolate chip cookies with tarragon – this cookbook seems to be rich with creative baking ideas.

Last weekend, I made a delectable nectarine, blueberry and vanilla bean rustic tart that ended up being our dinner. My husband was impressed, and honestly, I was pretty impressed the tart didn’t turn into a charcoaled crisp.

If you are a new baker, an avid baker, or have never whisked anything together in your life, I recommend the cookbook, Ovenly. Here is the link:

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