NYC Love Affair

Raise your hand if you recently fell in love? And I’m not talking about with your boyfriend of three months or a new sparkly Kate Spade dress. I’m talking about falling in love with New York City. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love living in a smaller town, but there’s something about the city-life that brings me such a rush of excitement and joy.

My mom and I took a trip to the “Big Apple” over Memorial Day Weekend, which left my heart so full! I’m positive we walked 20 miles each day; luckily I brought a pair of comfy shoes that helped me endure the hike through the city. You name a famous landmark in New York City, chances are we toured it. Mom and I went everywhere, as this was her first time to New York City and I wanted her to see not a snippet, but the full-length movie!

From walking through Central Park as it lightly rained  (which makes it even more magical, may I add) to exploring the narrow pathways of Chelsea Market, we ate, drank, and shopped on repeat.  I would have to say, for me, the most memorable part of the trip was visiting the various farmers’ markets and smelling the freshly cut flowers. I don’t get to experience a farmers’ market often, with piled up fruit and vegetables and fish and oysters coated in crushed ice. Strolling in between the booths, conversing with the locals was a dream come true.

I’m no expert on New York City, by any means, however here is a list of places I recommend that really made our trip perfect:

  • Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo (If a swarm of people have already snagged the infamous Cronuts, I loved the cherry pavlova)
  • Chelsea Market
  • Mastro’s Steakhouse near Times Square
  • SoHo Community Gardens
  • Grab a berry sangria at Tavern on the Green in Central Park
  • Aquagrill Restaurant  (order the oysters!)
  • Breakfast at Friedman’s Lunch  in Chelsea Market
  • Grand Central Terminal

I never understood people’s love affair with New York City until three days ago. But, it’s safe to say the city has captured my heart and the image of towering skyscrapers encrusted with twinkling lights will grace my memories forever.

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